Grant Programmes

1. Birmingham and the West Midlands (Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Herefordshire)

Community Action

Community based and organised schemes (which may be centered on a place of worship) aimed at solving local problems and improving the quality of life of community members.

Vulnerable Groups

Vulnerable groups include the elderly, children and young people, the disabled, asylum seekers and similar minorities.

Advice, Mediation and Counselling

Applicants must be able to point to the rigorous selection, training and monitoring of front line staff (particularly in the absence of formal qualifications) as well as to the overall need for the service provided.

Education and Training

Trustees are particularly interested in schemes that help people of working age develop new skills in order to re-enter the jobs market.

Environment and Conservation

Projects which address the impact of climate change and projects to preserve buildings and installations of historic importance and local interest.

Medical and Healthcare

Hospices, self help groups and some medical research which must be based in and be of potential benefit to the West Midlands.

The Arts

Music, drama and the visual arts, museums and art galleries.

Penal Affairs

Restorative Justice, prison based projects and work with ex offenders aimed at reducing re-offending. (Penal reform used to be supported on a UK wide basis but, because of the volume of appeals received, this programme is now restricted to the West Midlands)

2. United Kingdom

The Religious Society of Friends

Projects with a clear Quaker connection and which support the work of the Religious Society of Friends in the UK.

3. Ireland

Peace and Reconciliation.

4. International Development

The International grant programme is heavily oversubscribed and since the Trust can only support a small proportion of the appeals received trustees have decided to concentrate available funds on organisations with which the Trust has close and well established links. Ad hoc appeals are unlikely to be successful. All applicants must have UK charity registration.

Asia and Eastern Europe
South America

The International Development programme is concentrated on West Africa and work to reduce poverty on a sustainable basis in both rural and urban communities. Schemes that help children access education are also supported.


The Trust does not fund:

Individuals (whether for research, expeditions, educational purposes or medical treatment).

Projects concerned with travel, adventure, sports or recreation.

Organisations which are based outside UK.

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